Ffcc tristan
Series Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
Birthday May 9
Gender Male
Tristan is a Lilty ferryman who mans the ship which crosses the Jegon River from Ironmine Downs to Plains of Fum and back in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. Later in the game he will also use Port Tipa as a destination and carry the Caravanners across the ocean to Mount Kilanda or to the city of Leuda and the Lynari Desert beyond it.

Tristan offers trips across the river for 50 gil per person or 100 gil between the Tipa Peninsula and Ironmine Downs or Plains of Fum. It is 500 gil for a player to sail out to sea. Tristan will give characters a discount if they provide him some Kilanda Sulfur from the volcano. He increases the discount if you provide him with a cactus flower from Lynari Desert. After both discounts, he also sells a pass for 50,000 gil to ride the boat free of charge from then on.

He also apparently was a soldier in the city, as one of the Lilties close to ferry boat explains.