The Abyss is a location in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. The Abyss is a dark and long forgotten region at the farthest edges of the continent in Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles. To the southeast are the ancient Rebena Plains, the Abyss' only border. It is separated from the rest of the world from the only unchanging Miasma Stream, tuned to a Mystery Element found only in the Lynari Desert.

Ffcc theabyss

It is also home to Mag Mell, where the Carbuncles have decided to go into hibernation and remove themselves from the world and its problems, and the looming Mount Vellenge. The mountain is the dwelling place of the Meteor Parasite which crashed into the Great Crystal centuries ago, bringing with it the miasma which covers the planet. It is said that those who enter The Abyss and survive the return shall free the world of all Miasma and pain.