Tailor is a family trade that the player can give the character that they play. What the blacksmith does to weapons and armor, the tailor does for accessories. The player must bring thier tailor father materials and scrolls to craft an accessory. Like other professions, the amount of things he can craft depends on his production level. Other players can use his expanded services as well, but without the discounts.

Craftable Accessories
Initial Flame Craft, Frost Craft, Lightning Craft, Clockwork
Level 1 New Clockwork, Blue Yarn, Tome of Wisdom, Tome of Speed, Fiend Kit, Fairie Kit, Eyewear Techniques, Goggle Techniques
Level 2 White Yarn, Gold Craft, Secrets of Wisdom, Secrets of Speed, Daemon Kit, Angel Kit, Designer Glasses, Designer Goggles
Level 3 Ring of Invincibility