Rela Cyel Past is a dungeon in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates. The party visits Rela Cyel before its destruction after talking to Carbuncle in the underworld to experience Latov and Aleria, Yuri and Chelinka's parents, past.

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Yuri, Chelinka, Al, Meeth and Gnash was teleported to Rela Cyel past, after speaking with the Carbuncle. There, they are 'invisible' and as such is not seen by anyone when civilians from the Rela Cyel are evacuating after Latov discovers that the Crystal deep in Rela Cyel is in danger.

Latov initially planned to go down and find out what's happening to the Crystal in Rela Cyel, but Aleria insisted on coming along with him. The party then follows them and within the Crystal room they discover that Cu Chaspel is extracting the power of the Crystal via Princess Tilika. Eventually, Princess Tilika lost control and the crystal emitted a powerful red energy that destroyed Rela Cyel. The next thing the party knew, they are teleported to the hidden underground section in Rebena Te Ra castle.


The map of Rela Cyel past is similar to the present Rela Cyel, but the condition is better and the water levels are more controllable. The enemies here are also harder compared to the present Rela Cyel. The Rela Cyel past map is unlockable after the player finishes Shadowland.