Pavlov is a penguin from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King. He follows King Leo around and assists him by providing information.

Ffccmlaak artwork pavlov


Pavlov first appears in Padarak one night, knocking over King Leo as he bursts out of the Castle. He begins to claim the land belongs to him and demands King Leo leave. King Leo then chases Pavlov through the Kingdom until he is eventually caught. When Chime and Hugh Yurg try to introduce themselves to Pavlov, he reveals that he already knows their names and refuses to answer any of their questions.

The next morning, he decides to help King Leo, but when asked why he states only that he is keeping a promise he made. He then follows King Leo around, offering him advice or the occasional friendly jab while keeping records about the kingdom and its adventurers.

According to the townspeople of Padarak, Pavlov was rescued from drowning in a lake by King Epitav, Leo's father. It was Epitav who taught Pavlov how to speak, and that is why he shares many of Epitav's personality traits.


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