The Mushroom Forest, or Fungi Forest, is a dungeon from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. It is in the Ironmine Downs, due west of the Miasma Stream that separates the area from the Tipa Peninsula.

Ffcc mushroomforest
Ffcc mapicon mushroomforest


The path through the dungeon is spread over a number of levels. Higher levels can only be accessed by bouncing from springy fungal platforms. Certain areas of the forest can only be accessed in later cycles.

Wildlife in the forest include carnivorous plants, ahriman, and other small creatures. At first the way to the Myrrh Tree looks clear, with a tiny Malboro being the only thing that could be construed as a guardian. However, it does not stay tiny for long, absorbing strange spores given off by the surrounding toadstools to grow into a rather large problem.

The Mushroom Forest is the second dungeon a player will come across, and it is recommended that it be explored before the Mines of Cathuriges due to its simpler difficulty and treasures, including designs for new equipment as well as the materials and money needed to create them.