Ffcc moogle

Moogle is a race in the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Series.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

Moogles live along with other tribes and in various dungeons, where they will place stamps on a special card to enable the player to play a Mario Kart-esque minigame called Blazing Caravans. They appear armless, puffy, and are usually flying around. When playing a single player game, a moogle named Mog will carry the player's Crystal Chalice allowing them to move around in the dungeons.

CC Moogle Paint

The Moogle Paint feature allows players to paint a moogle. Moogles deliver mail once the player collects a drop of Myrrh. Moogles are not affected by the Miasma which causes the traveling moogle Stiltzkin to worry moogles are like monsters, but his journey leads him to Mag Mell where he finds out moogles have more connections to the Carbuncles than monsters. The moogles Stiltzkin and Artemicion appear in the prequel game that takes places many years before the original game, which could mean moogles can live for a long time, just like the Carbuncles.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates

Moogles appear through out dungeons to help the party out and give them stamps which once again unlocks Blazing Caravans. Stiltzkin from the original game leads the group of moogles secretly trying to help out the main characters.

Ffccrof artwork moogle

They place signs where needed and will appear when a new character joins the party to teach the player about their skills and abilities. Artemicion runs a shop that gives players HP, ATK, DEF, and Magicite/Item Pocket upgrades. The Moogle Paint feature returns with a major upgrade.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King

A group of known as the Moogle Brothers appear in the Padarak to help out the young King Leo. Most moogles' names begin with "Mog", such as Mogmune and Mogcid.

Ffccking moogle

They help in various ways, such as helping in creating new buildings and inform King Leo on citizens who need help so he can assign a new behest to solve their problem. Stiltzkin helps King Leo figure out the fate of his father.