Ffcc mapicon mineofcathuriges

The Mine of Cathuriges or Cathuriges Mine is an abandoned iron mining complex from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. During the reign of the Liltian empire it was the main source of iron ore, which was refined and and smithed into weaponry by the many talented blacksmiths of the then bustling Marr's Pass, and also power. But the veins in the mine eventually dried up, leaving the Liltian empire easily defeated with the help of the Yukes of Shella who had been unaffected by their iron-fisted rule.

Ffcc mineofcathuriges

The Mine of Cathuriges will likely be the third dungeon explored by the player, after the Mushroom Forest and, if so, the drop of myrrh gleaned from the local Myrrh Tree will be enough to fill the Crystal Chalice to its maximum point, thus concluding the first year of travel.


The only light in the mine comes from the lanterns, which are actually captured bomb-monsters. Tracks runs along the floor in various directions, and mine carts can be pushed along them. Deeper into the mine are boardwalks over a cavernous abyss, which lead to the Orc King's chamber.

Musical Themes

"In The Gloomy Darkness" plays in the background, appropriate for such a dark and abandoned place.