This page lists all of the Scrolls in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. Scrolls are used with Materials to create Weapons, Armor, Headgear, Accessories and other Materials.


Celestial Weapon

Dark Weapon

Greatest Weapon

Hero's Weapon

Legendary Weapon

Lunar Weapon

Master's Weapon

Mighty Weapon

Novice's Weapon

Valiant Weapon

Victorious Weapon

Warrior's Weapon


Bronze Armor

Diamond Armor

Earth Armor

Eternal Armor

Flame Armor

Frost Armor

Gold Armor

Holy Armor

Iron Armor

Lightning Armor

Mythril Armor

Pure Armor

Radiant Armor

Time Armor

Shields (For Clavats Only)

Diamond Shield

Flame Shield

Frost Shield

Holy Shield

Iron Shield

Legendary Shield

Lightning Shield

Magic Shield

Mythril Shield

Gloves (For Lilties Only)

Bronze Gloves

Diamond Gloves

Flame Gloves

Frost Gloves

Gold Gloves

Iron Gloves

Lightning Gloves

Mythril Gloves

Helmets (For Yukes Only)

Bronze Sallet

Diamond Sallet

Eternal Sallet

Flame Sallet

Frost Sallet

Iron Sallet

Lightning Sallet

Mythril Sallet

Time Sallet

Belts (For Selkies Only)

Bronze Belt

Diamond Belt

Flame Belt

Frost Belt

Iron Belt

Lightning Belt

Mythril Belt

Pure Belt

Wind Belt


Angel Kit

Blue Yarn



Daemon Kit

Designer Glasses

Designer Goggles

Eyewear Techniques

Fairie Kit

Fashion Kit

Fiend Kit

Flame Craft

Forbidden Tome

Frost Craft

Goggle Techniques

Gold Craft

Healing Kit

Lady's Accessories

Lightning Craft

New Clockwork

Ring of Invincibility

Ring of Light

Secrets of Speed

Secrets of Wisdom

Soul of the Dragon

Soul of the Lion

Tome of Magic

Tome of Sorcery

Tome of Speed

Tome of Wisdom

White Yarn

Zeal Kit