This page lists all of the Scrolls in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates. Scrolls are used with Materials to create Weapons, Armor, Headgear, Accessories and other Materials in the Rebena Te Ra Workshop.


Novice's Weapon

Fledgling's Weapon

Child's Weapon

Iron Weapon

Steel Weapon

Stylish Weapon

Warrior's Weapon

Fiery Weapon

Icy Weapon

Thunderous Weapon

Courageous Weapon

Magical Weapon

Victorious Weapon

Angel's Weapon

Master's Weapon

Silver Weapon

Mythril Weapon

Relic Weapon

Dark Weapon

Celestial Weapon

Strongman Weapon

Breezy Weapon

Night Sky Weapon

Knight's Weapon

Sun's Weapon

Noble's Weapon

Exorcist's Weapon

Legendary Weapon

Wooden Weapon

Fire God's Weapon

Low Temp Weapon

Golden Weapon

Crystalline Weapon

Branded Weapon

Foreign Weapon

Cursed Weapon

Underworld Weapon

Conqueror Weapon

Destructive Weapon


Housepet's Weapon

Bestest Ladle

Lil' Yella Fella


Bronze Helmet

Green Headwear

Secret Disguise

Iron Helmet

Red Headwear

Blue Headwear

Dragonlike Helm

Magic Headwear

Cozy Headwear

Cute Kitty Hat

Knight's Helmet

Fire Hat

Ice Hat

Thunder Hat

Dragonish Helm

Anti-heat Helmet

Anti-cold Helmet

Robber's Rag

Princess Insignia

Skeletal Mask

Samurai Helmet

Floral Hair Tie

Mythril Sallet

Black Headband

Striped Cloth

Lamia's Allure

Scary Mask

Templar Helmet

Amphibian Head

Sailing Headwear

Hellish Cap

Best Bronze Helm

Sturdy Green Hat

Dark Kitty Hat

Dashing Disguise

Finest Iron Helm

Sturdy Red Hat

Sturdy Blue Hat

Safety Helmet

Dracolord Helm

Battle Helmet

Enchanted Hat

Mercy Headwear

Best Knight Helm

Chic Fire Hat

Chic Ice Hat

Chic Thunder Hat

Officer's Cap

Dragon God Helm

Heat-hating Helm

Frost-free Helm

Thief Headwrap

Ash Kitty Hat

Queen's Insignia

Explosive Mask

Feudal Lord Helm

Durable Helmet

Fire & Ice Hat

Time Warp Hat

Cosmic Hair Tie

Wild Thing Helm

Top Mythril Hat

Sneaky Headwear

Nymph's Allure

One-eyed Mask

Ogre's Helmet

Lined Head Cover

Room Service Cap

Monarch's Helm

Amphibian Hat

Bad Captain Hat

Hellacious Hat

Possessed Helmet

Helm of Darkness

Funky Hairstyle

Fun Fauna Hat



Bronze Lt. Armor

Rugged Clothes

Iron Harness

Not Hot Outfit

Not Cold Outfit

Dragonlike Armor

Magical Raiment

Healing Raiment

Cute Kitty Cloak

Knight's Uniform

Fiery Garb

Icy Garb

Thunderous Garb

Dragonish Armor

Silver Lt. Armor

Anti-fire Armor

Anti-ice Armor

Robber's Uniform

Samurai Armor

Red Ritual Garb

Blue Ritual Garb

Comfy Clothes

Mythril Harness

Black Outfit

Templar's Armor

Amphibian Body

Buccaneer Suit

Hellish Raiment

Savior Suit

Bronze Harness

Durable Clothing

Dark Kitty Cloak

Steel Armor

Heat-hating Garb

Frost-free Garb

Dracolord Armor

Battle Uniform

Enchanted Cloak

Mercy Raiment

Knight Lt. Armor

Fiery Garment

Icy Garment

Electric Garment

Midshipman Garb

Dragon God Armor

Silver Armor

Fireproof Armor

Sub-zero Armor

Thief's Uniform

Ash Kitty Cloak

Combat Armor

Durable Armor

Fire & Ice Cloak

Time Warp Cloak


Mythril Armor

Sneaky Garb

Ogre's Armor

Grand Raiment

Royal Raiment

Room Service Suit

Royal Heavy Armor

Amphibian Suit

Sea Captain Coat

Hellacious Cloak

Possessed Armor

Garment of Hope

Garb of Darkness

Formal Fashion

Fun Fauna Body