Series Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
Also Known As Gurdy
Birthday October 19
Gender Male
Hair Blonde
Eyes Brown
Hurdy is a Clavat from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. He has a mysterious relationship with Gurdy, assumed to be brotherhood.


Hurdy has blonde hair and brown eyes. He wears a light tan color jacket with orange on it. He also wears black pants and black shoes.


He believes that memories are an important. Some thinks he lies.


Hurdy is a traveling preacher who can be met in all towns, except Tipa at random times. He talks of how memories are an important thing that should be preserved, and wishes travelers can one day go from place to place without the hindrance of miasma.

It is rumored, he has traveled with the feared Black Knight. When questioned about his relationship with him by Sol Racht, Hurdy says he can't recall ever doing such a thing. While true, Sol believes he is lying to avoid association with the Black Knight.

When the Tipa Caravan are about to fight Raem, Lady Mio confronts them before the battle and speaks of the last people who tried to defeat Raem before having their memories taken away. It turns out Hurdy had hired the Black Knight to help him rid the world of the miasma.

Clues are left in the game to connect the two not as brothers, but the same person. The couplets Gurdy had written down are clues to finding the Unknown Element needed to pass the Miasma Stream to get to Mount Vellenge. Roland, the village elder from Tipa, will mention a scholar from Tipa who hired the Black Knight for protection on his journey to rid the world of miasma. He disappeared after sending one last letter from Mag Mell. The scholar would recite poems referring to Lynari Desert, where the Unknown Element was hidden.

Before the final battle, Lady Mio mentions Hurdy had made it here with somebody named Leon, but both had their memories taken away by Raem. Leon is the Black Knight and Hurdy was the scholar from Tipa who disappeared. Some point after losing his memories he believed himself to be Gurdy, and would recite the poem that clued the Caravan from Tipa in on how to find the Unknown Element to reach Raem. This is confirmed when Gurdy walks behind a tree and reappearing at the other end as Hurdy.