Gurdy man
Series Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles
Also Known As Hurdy
Birthday October 19
Gender Male
Hair Orangeish/Brown
Eyes Brown
Gurdy is a Clavat from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. He has a mysterious relationship with Hurdy, assumed to be brotherhood.


Gurdy has orangeish/brown hair. He has brown eyes. He is seen wearing red, pink, and gold.


The other Caravanners claim that he lies, and they think he is insane. Another Caravanners was mad at him because he didn't pay them back. The real truth is that he makes up lies to fill up his emptiness due to not remembering his memory from the past.


The Tipa Caravan first run into Gurdy while he is arguing with the Caravanners from Marr's Pass. Displeased by his company and believing him to be insane, they abandon him. The Tipa Caravan will offer him a ride to the next town and as thanks, he recites a verse from a poem.

Later on they run into him once again, this time arguing with the Caravanners from Plains of Fum. It seems they had loaned him money which he was unable to pay back. He will ask for help from the Tipa Caravan, for a loan of 1000 gil (which he never repays). He shares another verse from a poem.

Later on he is seen traveling with the Shella Caravan. He swindles them with a loaf of bread. He once again shares another verse from a poem.

Soon after Gurdy travels with the Leuda Caravan and talks with the Tipa Caravanners, revealing the knowledge that not only does he have a brother he never knew, but he cannot remember his past. He says he makes up lies to fill the emptiness. As he turns to leave, the Tipa Caravanners see a vision of Hurdy and the Black Knight and hear them as they lose against Raem. Raem taunts them both, telling them they're not strong enough. As the vision ends, he recites a new couplet.

Later the Tipa Caravan find Gurdy being taken hostage by the Striped Brigands. Gurdy is in no real danger as this was planned out by him and the bandits to gain gil. They are given the choice of paying up, giving them nothing, or giving them a Striped Apple. They accept the apple, and Gurdy is disappointed to know his life is only worth a Striped Apple. He shares the full verse of the poem.