Goblin Wall is a dungeon in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. Located at the north of the Tipa Peninsula, it can only be accessed from the second year onwards. As the name suggests, the majority of the monsters found within the Wall are goblins, along with the dungeon boss, the Goblin King, although there are others. It is stated in the diary entry received upon first completion of the dungeon that some of the goblins from the Wall occasionally make their way to Tipa to cause trouble for the villagers.

Ffcc goblinwall
Ffcc mapicon goblinwall


The dungeon itself is a large cave with many treasure chests, the majority of which are locked behind gates that can only be opened by hitting the switches on the level above.

Moogle's Nest

The Moogle's Nest is located behind a gate off to the far left of the start of the stage. The party must open one of the two gates of the double-gated tunnel to enter the nest.

Hot Spots

The two Hot Spots of Goblin Wall are relatively easy to find. The first one is an Earth element Hot Spot and is located in the large open area behind the switches of the first half of the stage. The second one is a Fire Element Hot Spot and it is found at the start of the second half of the dungeon.