The Giant Crab is an enemy in the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series. It dwells in the waterfall of the River Belle Path. As the name suggests, it is a crab (or crab-like monster) that is significantly larger than normal crabs. It is a beast with scars and wounds from past battles, as well as several weapons sticking out from its carapace.


Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

The Giant Crab appears in the River Belle Path as the boss of the dungeon. The Tipa Caravan must defeat it to receive their first drop of myrrh. The Giant Crab is also assisted by Reaver Mus, though far weaker than the Giant Crab alone. A first appears once the Giant Crab is first struck with an attack. Others then appear individually at set intervals during the battle.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates

The Giant Crab also appears in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates in the same capacity: boss of the River Belle Path, which appears as a bonus dungeon unlocked in both single and multiplayer modes upon completion of the game.
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The dungeon is a near-exact replica of the Crystal Chronicles version, complete with a poisonous gas just like the miasma that would appear later. The only differences between the two Giant Crabs is that while the Crystal Chronicles version is red and gradually loses appendages, the Ring of Fates version is blue and stays whole throughout the battle.