When the player first begins the game and creates a new character, one of the options will be to choose the character's family profession. Several are extremely helpful over the course of the game. Each character created on the player's memory card with a unique profession will occupy a new house in the player's home town, Tipa. So even if the player plan on playing with just one character, its best to create several with a variety of professions so you can utilize them all. Each profession has a production level, which corresponds directly to the player's character's relationship with their father in the game. The major way of increasing the character's family's liking of them is to reply favorably with the letters that the character receives after gathering myrrh drops at each location. The player must pick polite and appropriate responses to their family letters and always send something home. The player gets bonus points with the character's father if they send something home that relates to his profession: ex. sending a seed home to a farmer. As the production level goes up in the player's character's family profession, the more items or accessories are available to the player in that profession, furthermore the player gets better discounts when they shop at their family's Merchant, Blacksmith or Tailor professions.

List of Family Trades Edit