Elements of the Crystal are the changes in the Crystal that turns into different elements. Crystals can possess one of four elements: fire, water, wind, or earth. The element of the player's chalice's crystal affects the entire caravan. The player cannot pass through certain places without the correct element.

Changing the Element at Hot Spots

The player can change their crystal's element at hot spots, which are found insider dungeons. When the player places the chalice upon a hot spot, the crystal gleams, and it's element and color change. Each element grants the entire caravan a certain resistance.

Elements and Their Effects and Location

  • Fire- Grants resistance to fire. Location: Goblin Wall, Mine of Cathuriges, Moschet Manor
  • Water- Grants resistance to cold. Location: River Belle Path, Mushroom Forest, Moschet Manor
  • Wind- Grants resistance to lighting. Location: River Belle Path, Tida, Selepation Cave
  • Earth- Grants resistance to poison and petrification. Location: Goblin Wall, Tida, Lynari Desert
  • Unknown- Cross Miasma Streams Freely, No Magical Protection. Location: Lynari Desert

Crossing Miasma Streams

Miasma streams divide the world into sections, and each steam possesses a certain element. To cross each stream, the player must make sure their crystal's element matches that of the stream. The stream repels any who carry a different element.