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Conall Curach is a large swamp from Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. Vast and water-logged, Conall Curach was first charted by a Selkie expedition looking for a new homeland after being driven out by the other races.

Ffcc conallcurach

Unfortunately, the sheer amount of Miasma coupled by the presence of Thunder Bombs, Mus, Dark Flans, Behemoths, Sahagins, and a particularly nasty dragon slaughtered most of the party, driving the Selkies away. Nowadays, explorers of Conall Curach can find remnants of Selkic writings as well as the failed terraforming of the Selkies.


Conall Curach is one massive swamp. It consists of three parts. The first part is mainly marshy land and some planks to walk over the water with and the last two parts of the dungeon consist mainly of the planks. Conall Curach is one of few places to depend on a different area for complete access. Conall Curach shares a link with Daemon's Court in that the logs forming a bridge in the Court, if blown apart by a Bomb, will form makeshift bridges in the swamp. Supposedly, the logs flow up the river out of Daemon's Court and down the river in the Rebena Plains, which is adjacent to Conall Curach.

Moogle's Nest

The caravan can get there by entering the second part of the swamp, taking the right path to another fork and walking the left path leading to an intersection. The party should take the right path and walk down to find the Moogle's nest.

Hot Spots

The locations in the Rebena Plains do not contain Hot Spots.


The theme that plays is "In Search of a New Haven". Its name comes from the Selkies looking for a new home.