Clavats are a tribe in all of the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Series. Their specialty is defense and their traits are high defense and skill in magic.


The Clavats that appear in the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles series

They say that the Clavats are gentle people that value harmony above all. Many of Tipa's residents belong to this tribe of unity and friendship. They are gentle by nature and dislike conflict. When disputes arise, they do whatever they can to resolve them. Is is said that an air of tranquility follows them wherever they go.
Ffcc clavattribesymbol

Clavat Symbol

Clavat Males

  • Natural
  • Headband
  • Cap

Clavat Females

  • Long Hair- The Long Hair female in My Life as a King can be a Black Mage instead of a Warrior.
  • Short Hair- The Short Hair female in My Life as a King can be a Thief instead of a Warrior.
  • Dark Coat
  • White Cap- White Cap's clothes looks similar to a White Mage clothes from the other Final Fantasy series. By the white and red clothing colors.