Alchemist is a family trade that the player can give the character they play. The alchemist studies nature and the very fabric of the world. Through this profession, the alchemist father can create new items. Starting with year two of the player's caravan, the father will give the player one new scroll each year. What scroll he'll give the player depends on his production level. Almost anything is good to send home to an alchemist father through the player's letters.

Scroll List (Based on Production Level)
Level 1 Iron Armor Level 7 Lightning Craft
Level 2 Warrior's Weapon Level 8 Master's Weapon
Level 3 Flame Craft Level 9 Ring of Light
Level 4 Clockwork Level 10 Diamond Armor
Level 5 Mythril Armor Level 11 Ring of Invincibility
Level 6 Frost Craft Level 12 Greatest Weapon