Abyssus Forest is a location in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates. It is unlocked after the player finishes Mount Vaal twice (once by defeating the Zu, and twice by freeing Alhanalem from the red crystal). In multiplayer mode, the player can obtain the scrolls for the elemental weapons: Flametongue, Icebrand and Thunder Hatchet.


Yuri, Chelinka, and Alhanalem first visit this area to investigate rumors of a Crystal aggravating monsters. It is here that the party meets Gnash. It has many treetop platforms that, once obtaining Gnash, are possible to reach. These platforms lead the way to the boss of the area, which is the Carniflower on most difficulty settings, or the Carniflower Bud if played on Very Hard difficulty.



Note: Any item with a * is one-time only.

Normal Mode Hard Mode
Moogle Stamp (C)* Moogle Stamp (Q)*
ATK Boost* ATK Boost*
ATK Boost* ATK Boost*
MAG Boost* MAG Boost*
Warrior's Weapon Recipe 500 gil
Fiery Weapon Recipe Amethyst
Icy Weapon Recipe Best Knight's Helmet Scroll
Thunderous Weapon Recipe Chic Fire Hat Scroll
Dragonlike Helment Recipe Chic Ice Hat Scroll
Magic Headwear Recipe Chic Thunder Hat Scroll
Cozy Headwear Recipe Electric Garment Scroll
Cute Kitty Hat Recipe Fiery Garment Scroll
Dragonlike Armor Recipe Fire God's Weapon Scroll
Magical Rainment Recipe Garnet
Healing Rainment Recipe Gold
Cute Kitty Cloak Recipe Icy Garment Scroll
Band of Stength Recipe Knight Lt. Armor Scroll
Band of Mystique Recipe Legendary Weapon Scroll
Band of Security Recipe Low Temp Weapon Scroll
Refined Iron Recipe Midshipman's Garb Scroll
Officer's Cap Scroll
Petite Amethyst
Petite Onyx
Petite Sapphire
Refined Crystal Scroll
Refined Sapphire Scroll
Salvation Tome Scroll
Wooden Weapon Scroll