The Abaddon is a huge, Mantis-like enemy in Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles. It appears as in Conall Curach during all Cycles and a regular monster in Tida during the second and third Cycle. In addition to a regular physical attack, it shoots bursts of wind for non-elemental damage. Its Curse spell reduces all stats by half.

Abaddon is definitely one of the largest and also strongest usual enemies throughout the whole game. Players that visit Tida for the second time, can find it in the second area of the dungeon behind a sealed gate which has to be opened by finding a stone key.

There, usually one to two Abaddons guard the treasures that can be found there. In the third cycle, players have also to persist three Abaddons before being able to enter the boss area. Two of those Abaddons leave a stone key behind which are needed to open the door to the Boss. Also, the continuously attacks of the monsters will make it impossible just to kill the two with the keys and then flee. Players also have to kill the third Abaddon, to be able to use the keys without any disturbance.

  • Location: Conall Curach, Tida (Cycles 2 and 3)
  • Type: Flying
  • Items Dropped: Jagged Scythe
  • Weak Against: Nothing
  • Resistant To: Nothing